Computer Tune-Ups

Has your computer slowed down or is it freezing on a regular basis? Do you think you might have been infected? Perhaps it’s time for a computer tune-up.

Bade Consulting offers three levels of Tune-Up Services — Basic, Deluxe and Full Reinstall:

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Basic Tune-Up Service includes:

  • Full diagnostics with suggestions for making your computer run faster
  • Test computer’s RAM and hard drive for errors
  • Clean dust inside your computer
  • Internet optimization, for faster Internet speeds
  • PC registry cleanup
  • Hard drive optimization
  • Faster Windows start-up

Deluxe Tune-Up adds:

  • Check system for viruses, malware and spyware and remove any identified viruses, malware and spyware
  • Repair the registry for start up
  • Harden the security of your system, including installation of an anti-virus program

Full Reinstall Service brings your computer back to its original state. It includes:

  • Diagnose your computer
  • Back up all drivers
  • Clean the hard drive of vicious programs
  • Install a clean version of Windows including all service packs
  • Restore all backed-up files
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